What to Buy Your Tech Fan for Christmas

  • December 23 2015, 8:46 am

  • by Wes Sovis

  • General


As a company based on digital technology, we know that buying for a tech fan (much nicer way to write nerd, isn't it?) can be incredibly tricky. You'd hate to spend a lot of money on a product that will be obsolete by New Years, and it's not like a lot of this stuff is cheap. Here are a few gifts that are sure-fire ways to make your technology enthusiast happy during the holidays. These gift ideas come directly from Swell web developers and digital marketers, so you know you're getting the best possible consumer advice from the pros that know. 

1. Apple iPad Pro

You've heard of it. Samuel L. Jackson probably did a commercial for it. Simply put, the iPad Pro deserves the buzz and attention. The iPad that got bigger, faster, and is somehow pretty much the same as the previous iterations, is as lust-worthy as ever. Apple is boasting a staggering 5 million pixels on the Retina display, which should make for the most stunning display ever on a tablet. Sure, do you need an iPad? No. You probably have a smartphone and a laptop that do their jobs more than adequately. But do you want an iPad? I'm sure your tech fan will want this one. 

2. Font Candy +

From a gift that'll cost you hundreds, to a $3 buy from the App Store. Font Candy + was added to the list by our Director of Marketing for its intuitive interface and huge value for any on-the-go marketing pro. Font Candy allows you to add text to your photos, or to a myriad of (free) stock photography options supplied by Pixabay. This means your iPhone just became an on-demand, graphic-designer-in-a-pinch for your business, or an excellent way to photoshop that red cheeks out of the picture of you and your wife at the company Christmas party. 

3. A Hoverboard

While I take exception with calling this a hoverboard, mainly because it doesn't actually hover, this is something our entire staff positively drooled over when we first heard about it. More accurately called a self-balancing scooter, you have to check this scooter out to believe it. Imagine your loved one bombing around on their hoverboard, working on Font Candy + while using an iPad Pro. Nerd nirvana, to be sure.  

So, we came up with three gifts, excluding a multitude of other gift ideas that would please many a technolgy-inclined indivudual. What are you getting for your loved one, or for yourself? 

Merry Christmas!

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