Mobile Applications are a Booming Industry

  • March 15 2017, 10:08 am

  • by Wes Sovis

  • General

Mobile Applications are Big Business

Mobile applications remain a development segment on the rise. In fact, the mobile application industry is expected to generate about $189 billion dollars in revenue from downloads and in-app advertising by 2020.

Applications address a range of user needs, from social media to entertainment and more. For iOS users, the most downloaded application category is Utilities, suggesting that most consumers still use applications for their initial purpose - to make life easier by managing calendars, tasks, and other productivity related activities. It's this ability to make life easier, provide entertainment, and to stay connected that ensure mobile applications are utilized by more and more people in the coming years. 

Apps as Revenue Generators

Mobile applications have also really come into their own in regards to eCommerce. Retail applications top the charts of frequent engagement, averaging 17.5 sessions per month. And consumers aren’t just buying stuff on apps; they’re spending money on the applications themselves.  By next year, more than 35% of smartphone users and 43% of tablet users in the U.S. will have purchased at least one application for their device. Also by next year, there will be an incredible 85 million mobile app consumers in the U.S. alone.

More Apps, Lower Costs

As mobile application development technologies proliferate, the costs of developing applications have come down dramatically since their inception in 2007. Initially, the cost of mobile application development was quite high, as only a relatively small number of developers had the necessary skills. But now, platforms like Cordoba allow almost any programmer to translate their skills into mobile application development, allowing pricing to come down significantly.

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