Why We Love Web-Based Applications

  • November 10 2015, 12:21 pm

  • by Wes Sovis

  • General


You've probably used web-based applications in your daily domination of the World Wide Web. They tend to be the most user friendly and most accessible user applications around. One of the finest examples is an application that I use everyday - Google Docs. A web-based application is extremely easy to use because of its interface - it's set-up like a website, and the application is accesible by using any device connected to the internet. This type of application differs from a desktop application, which is licensed and installed on just one device. 


Benefits of Going Web-Based

In addition to the intuitive interface, the accessiblity of these types of applications is a hugely popular feature. Swell released a project management application for several clients that is web-based. One of these clients has contracted workers across the country, meaning keeping everyone connected to each other and the projects they're collaborating on is crucial to productivity. The contracted employees are able to connect on projects at different times and in different locations from any Internet-connected device - smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. This allows the members of the project to be more responsivle, mobile, and collaborative than ever before. 

Web-based applications are also extremely cost-effective. They are easier to build and maintain than a normal, PC-based application. Because they're less labor intensive, customization to a business's specific requirements is an easy step for our developers. We can design these applications to the exact specifications of any client, meaning they receive a product that meets their requirements perfectly. 

Another advantage of using a web-based application is the ability to host the application on a dedicated server. For most of our clients, we build the application, and then host it on one of our secure servers. Your investment isn't stored on a server in basement in an unknown country - it's in our data center, ready to be scaled to other in-house servers to meet your scalibility needs as your business grows.


Questions? We Can Help!

If you'd like to learn more about web-based applications, and see a few of the applications we've put together for past clients, get in touch. We'd be happy to discuss if a web-based application works for you and your team.